Prime Accounts

Buy the cheapest and most trusted high tier prime account or as otherwise known as csgo account with medal, now.


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High Tier Prime accounts are the accounts with atleast 2 or more yearly medals which turns them into a high trust factor account.


Are you tired of hackers or exploiters spoiling your game? Our High Tier Prime serves as the best solution. With an account that has such a high trust factor due to its medals, you will never be matched with an opponent that does not have a trust factor like yours and so it will eliminate the possibility of your game being destroyed by a hacker.


High Tiers are known for their medals, hours and wins. However, they can also have the following and are mentioned on the description of the account:

  • Different kinds of operation coins
  • Pick em trophies
  • 5 year medal
  • Unrestricted steam account
  • Badges
  • Overwatch Enabled


Is it your love for collecting medals or is it the freedom from hackers? We are sure our High Tier Prime accounts will take good care of that.


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