Prime Accounts

What are Prime Accounts

Prime Matchmaking is a secured form of matchmaking in Counter Strike Global Offensive. This matchmaking decreases the chance of you finding a match with or against hackers by simply removing all the new people from your matchmaking pool and adding the people who have a level of 21 in CSGO or above. As this takes about a month or two to gain, there is a significantly lower chance of facing hackers due to them getting banned at lower levels and so your matchmaking experience is not affected.

What is the difference between a Basic Prime Account and Middle/High Tier Prime Account

As we all know, medals are unique and you can only achieve one if you reach level 40 there must be something that is so valuable in them. First of all, it can be featured at your profile while you are playing which does indeed give a very good look. Other than that, its a collectible/unique item which cannot be bought or transferred to another account.

Hence, proves that you have put in valuable time in this game.

With the recent update, accounts with medals are more valuable than they were ever before. This is due to the change a medal brings to your trust factor.

Trust factor is used while matchmaking and if you do not have a medal then you are in basic prime trust factor however, if you have a medal or the more medals you have the more higher is your trust factor. Which initially means that when you are finding a match, you will be only put in the pool of people that have atleast one medal if you own one single medal, if you own two or more than that. In that case you will be put in a pool of people that own the same number of medals as you.

This makes it extremely hard to encounter a hacker as they are already caught and banned in the first few day or months in some rare cases and the people with medals have been playing for years.

What should I look for while buying a Prime Account

Before buying an account, one must see which account suits them best.

Whether you are a fan of collectible items and do not want to match against hackers at all or would like to keep it low on budget and still enjoy the game.

We have many accounts available for you, these accounts are boosted by professional players specifically for our customers. If an account is out of stock, you can still place an order and we will arrange it for you within 24 hours.

Are there any scams I should be aware of while buying an account?

Yes, indeed. There are many scams when it comes to buying accounts and we are here to set up a new standard for buying accounts. Each and every account provided by us is guaranteed to be scam free and which is why we are releasing it ourselves how other websites or people could scam you if you buy an account from them.

Once you have bought an account and are given the details, login as soon as possible and open Counter Strike Global Offensive. Once you have opened the game, click on watch matches at the side left menu. Then click on your matches and go through the matches that were played before the account was sold to you, or the matches played by the booster in other words.

Things to notice at this time:

  • Are majority of the team you played against are with weird usernames and similar ones (example: eewewqd, wwwdddk, wdddllfl, 12133ed, etc)
  • Is it a clear win in most of the matches in the team this account was a part of (16-0 or 16-3)
  • Are majority of the matches played at Austria, Office or Agency
  • Is the duration of majority of matches lesser than 20 minutes


If any of these are correct, the account was boosted using an exploit and is expected to be banned soon hence you should ask for a refund as soon as possible or file a case against the person/website you bought it from.

Our Commitment

We assure you that any account bought from us will be legally boosted and safe, by that we mean without any hacks or exploits and will have no chance of being banned or terminated. We check every booster ourselves and the accounts too, before selling them or transferring them to the buyer in order to make sure that we have happy and satisfied customers!

If still there seems to be a problem, we are just a message away and will be more than happy to assist you.